Why Inspect?

"It Takes Money To Save Money"

            I feel confident in saying that in the vast majority of inspections we perform we save our clients money in the long run. The simple truth is that even a small repair on your home can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. It's 100% up to your home inspector to catch defects, small and large, so you don’t get stuck with the bill after closing. On one of the biggest purchases of your life, the home inspection is the one opportunity you get to truly ascertain the quality of the home you are purchasing.  

            Don’t trust just anyone to inspect your new home. Doing a proper inspection takes the right tools and knowledge to fully inspect and catch all details, good and bad. This is why our inspectors carry specialized equipment like moisture detectors, gas detectors, infrared cameras and more to make sure we can catch many things the other guys wouldn’t. Take a look at the pictures below, many of those issues would not be visible to the naked eye. Not only did having the right tools save our clients thousands of dollars in those instances, but also helped to keep them and their families safe from many potential hazards.


             Think these are just rare occurrences?  Many of the problems we find, we see quite often. Here are just a few examples.


Improper Venting

One of the most common things we find is bathroom vents not properly run outside. In most cases vent fans are just blowing the warm moist air from your shower directly into your attic. Having fans properly run outside can cost hundreds of dollars. This also leads to another common defect.



Mold, most commonly found in attic spaces, is often caused by poor ventilation or improper venting of bathrooms. Mold growth can be a severe health hazard. The last thing you want for you or your family is to live in a home with a silent but deadly guest. Remediation of mold can cost well over a thousand dollars even for just a small area.


Electrical Issues

Perhaps 90% of homes we inspect have at least a minor electrical issue. This can be as simple as a cracked or missing cover plate to an outdated or improperly wired service panel costing thousands of dollars to replace. Whether big or small electrical issues have one thing in common, potential safety hazards. Whenever dealing with electricity there is a concern for safety. It costs just to get an electrician out to your home, much less the actual expense of repair. We take the time to properly inspect electrical systems and alert you to all issues.


Plumbing Issues

Plumbing issues can come out of nowhere. Before you know it a small leak can turn into thousands of dollars in repair. The last thing you want in your new home is to be tearing open walls and repairing plumbing. With many homes becoming older and plumbing following suit we make sure you know the ins and outs of your plumbing system.


This is another thing we see quite often. Issues involving windows may include failed glass, moisture damage or rot, broken hardware and improper operation. Many times windows can be repaired. When repair is not an option replacement may be necessary. Replacing windows in an entire home may cost tens of thousands of dollars. If there are issues the inspection is the time and place where they need to be found!


Moisture Issues

Whether caused by plumbing issues, improper venting or leaking from the outside of the home moisture issues can be a huge problem. If your home inspector doesn’t carry a moisture meter chances are good they will miss any problems. Just take a look at our pictures to see many examples of high moisture readings. In attics, behind walls, and even under your floors our moisture meters will give an accurate picture of problems long before they rise to the surface.



We carry infrared cameras to all inspections. Why? Because they give us X-Ray vision! We can search out moisture issues, see if there is missing insulation in walls or check for hot spots in electrical wiring or panels. In fact many of the times we use this technology it ends up giving the client piece of mind to know there is proper insulation in areas we would otherwise not be able to check.

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