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Real Estate Investing Is Hard Enough

Make Sure You Give Yourself
The Buyer's Edge.

Buyer's Edge Home Inspections Can Help To Make Your Next Investment A Success.

It takes investors to help investors. You won't find another company who understands investment like we do. Thats because our team has been in the real estate market for over ten years. The simple truth is the vast majority of investors never consider getting an inspection done on potential properties. This is a gamble that often costs thousands of dollars in the course of a project. Inevitably sucking the profit off the top and leaving you out in the cold. Don't let this happen to your project. Getting a potential project inspected by us can help to..

  • Determine potential money pits.  

  • Give you reassurance in your investment.

  • Plan your remodel by inspecting for things such as load bearing walls.

  • Find hidden issues

  • Plan your budget without surprise overages.

  • Ease the minds of other investors leading to better deals on financing.

We also understand the needs of investors differ from those of the typical homebuyer.

That is why we offer several inspection options to investors. As with all clients we offer a $75 discount to returning customers. This is a huge savings which many of our loyal investors put to use time and time again. One of the ways this is used by our inspectors is when it comes time to sell. By having a Pre-Listing Inspection performed on your investment, it will undoubtedly save you time, money and most importantly, stress. Potential buyers will always feel at peace when they see the name Buyer's Edge at the top of the report.

Along with our standard inspections at the discounted rate, we also offer special pricing on walk-through only inspections. These are only performed for investors or cash deals where a report serves no purpose. Pricing for walk-through only inspections can be up to 75% off  the price of a normal inspection. Meaning you can get an inspection before you invest and full pre-listing inspection often for nearly the price of one standard home inspection.

Schedule an inspection now for your next project!
*Walk-through inspections can only be scheduled over the phone or through e-mail.
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