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Tom And Ashley Mitchell, the owners of Buyer's Edge, have over fifteen years experience in the real estate market. Tom, our lead inspector and  certified professional inspector,  has  experience in remodeling, construction, investment and real estate sales. Those experiences give him a unique outlook that is designed to give you the Buyer's Edge. Consistency is key with buyers edge. No matter who your inspector is, you will receive the same report and the same level of care taken during the inspection. We  don't like to blow things out of proportion. Part of the skill that separates us from other inspectors is our drive to fully explain to you what is wrong. We never just check a box indicating a problem. We show you the problem, explain it to you so you understand and can make a educated decision to how big of an issue it is to YOU. As home inspectors we don't tell you the severity of an issue. We educate you so you can make that observation.

All of our inspectors are licensed in the state of Wisconsin and are trained to uphold our strict values and standards. We always provide the Wisconsin Standards of Practice for home inspectors in our inspection reports ensuring you are informed. In many cases we go above and beyond the standards to ensure you are getting the most complete information possible.

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